New arrival practical use tools. Mini Foldable Shovel Outdoor Survival Pick Spade Tool. Multi-purpose military folding shovel with pickaxe. It functions like a shovel, axe, saw, hoe, knife, chopper, hammer, can-opener, rope cutter, etc.


Portable and foldable camping shovel; survival kit spade serving security assistance; cooperative performance appliances for military usage,outdoor camping & sporting. It looks a bit small when folded, while it is actually very strong and endurable,as a piece of qualified engineering equipment, also a easy-carry necessity for outdoor enthusiast.

  • Compact tool multi-function folding gear for military adventure, gardending kits, camping and outdoor activities.
  • Practical multi-usage tool,made of high-carbon steel,stainless steel,aluminum alloy,etc.,industrial-strength and hardness, highly elastic but ultra-durable,solid.
  • Functional diversity,with the application of folding-rotating at 5 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, the kit combined into various tools: defensive tools, shovel, spade, chopper, axe, saw, hoe, knife, earthmoving tool, rope cutter, magnesium rod flint, hex wrench, window breaker hammer,or you might say resqme, bottle opener/can opener, hook, help whistle, etc.,works more than 20 functions.
  • Ergonomically rhombic design, comfortable grip allows the hand to hold the tube,anti-sweat, waterproof, non-slip, and it is held safely to use.

The face of the shovel is black or silver color,with the possiblity of printing custom laser LOGO or any pattern.
Material used for the head of the shovel: Stainless steel
Material for the Handle: Aluminum alloy

Our clients say it comes with more than 20 functions:

  • Strong and handy-size safe defense tool, placed in your home, in your car.
  • Sometimes it functions a very sharp saw, a double-tooth wood saw.
  • Not only it works like a shovel, but it can work like a hoe.
  • It is a cut rope cutter.
  • In some case when you need some specific instrument,like hex wrench, yes, you have it.
  • Multi-function knife that can be used to cut like a knife, or to chop something.
  • Sometimes for some reason you need a hook and it helps you like that.
  • Be used to open beer, bottle opener, it's a can opener; when you want to eat fish in the wild, even a harpoon.
  • When you want to eat fish in the wild, even you take it as a harpoon.
  • In the wild, it can also be a magnesium rod for making fire, really for survival.
  • When you need to get attention, you just blow it because you have a whistle inside.
  • In some emergency situations, it is a broken window hammer.
  • More functions depend on your choice......

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Military folding shovel with pickaxe

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